Thursday, June 2, 2011

I stink at resolutions.

This is me, doing my best "Oops, sorry I suck at resolutions" face. It is now apparent that I suck at making appropriate faces, too.

So there. I said it. I stink at resolutions. I started this blog with the intention of doing a post at least twice a week. I was doing great for a few weeks. Then, the strangest thing happened. I turned into a perfectionist and became overwhelmed. Wait...that's not strange. That's typical me

I am an "all or nothing" kind of person to the core and I HATE it. Just like my banner says, I'm trying to find a happy medium. In every part of my life, I jump in full force. So, when the first of the year came around, I took on everything. I started this blog (every post was supposed to be super informative), I set out to lose 40+ pounds, decided to not only lose that weight, but to become a runner (I have hated running all my life), started eating "clean," started doing a "365 photo project" on  Facebook, etc. etc. 

I was doing great those first few weeks. My blog was entertaining and informative, I bought a treadmill and started jogging, went completely gung-ho with eating clean, took a picture pretty much every day and posted it on FB as part of my "365 project" and felt insanely productive. Then came life. Kids got sick, I got writer's block, day-to-day chores and responsibilities started piling up until I just got completely overwhelmed and decided something had to go. Since I wasn't willing to give up on my health/weight loss journey, I dropped blogging (with all intentions of picking it back up whenever I had the chance) and Project 365. I will be totally honest in saying that I have no intentions of picking up the photo project. I was so crazy about each picture having perfect little captions that I drove myself insane every day with it. Sounds weird, I know. I mean, it only took about 20 minutes a day. But, I dreaded those 20 minutes all day and it's my personal opinion that we all have plenty to dread. Why do something like that if you don't enjoy it?

I am happy to report that I have lost 27 pounds since then. I even surpassed my expectations of myself and ran in a Warrior Dash, which is a 3 mile obstacle course/mud run. I now have some strange leg injury and hope that I can get that all fixed up and be back on the course to becoming a runner very soon. I would love to run in a few 5ks & 10ks, then a 1/2 marathon, with the ultimate goal of running a marathon one day. I ate "clean" successfully for a couple of months, but then fell off that wagon. I'm trying to get back on, but with the mindset that it really is ok to "cheat" occasionally. My "baby" Bug turned 1, Bean had her big Spring dance recital, we took her to an Imagination Movers concert, we got a "new" (to us) minivan, and a new nephew was born. Now, here I am, finally addressing the "lost" blog. I do plan on hopping back on board with the blog. I just won't be stressing myself out over it. 

So, there ya go. If any of you have thought twice about where I've been, there's your answer. I'm excited to get back to it. I have some reviews and giveaways for some awesome natural products coming up, so stay "tuned" for those! Hopefully it won't be too long. :)